Letter: Zielenziger For Library Trustee


By Julia Yu

David Zielenziger should be elected trustee of the Great Neck Library because of his commitment to scholarship, books and education—and his career in journalism. He’s been active for years, asking questions of local elected officials. He leads services at Temple Israel. He’s read 10,000 more books than his opponent will ever read.

Zielenziger is committed to getting politics out of the library and positioning it to be national Library of the Year.

I support him enthusiastically.


  1. Thank you Julia for bringing this to my attention that David Zielenziger is a candidate. Definitely will Not vote for this guy after reading 2 articles by him in recent years attacking the Persian community in Great Neck (I believe on LinkedIn) and another Great Neck Record article he wrote attacking the Jewish community in Great Neck. Very disturbing individual.

    See article he wrote filled with hatred and wrong facts https://greatneckrecord.com/vote-for-gilliar-and-harel/

    My kids go to public school and visit this library often, I do not wish such individual as David filled with so much hate (against anyone) to be a decision maker. I prefer someone more open minded and intellectual who can contribute to the community and bring unity.

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