Woman’s Club Cares About The Stepping Stones Lighthouse

Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby
Photo by Sheri ArbitalJacoby

Hi, my name is Stepping Stones Lighthouse. I was born in 1876 to warn mariners of a shoal and extensive rocks that extend into Long Island Sound Northwest from Kings Point. I can be seen from many areas, including the dock at Stepping Stones Park, many homes in Kings Point and from the Throgs Neck Bridge, to name a few.

I am old and rundown and in need of repair. I last had a facelift in 1944, and it’s time for more work. Built in the Victorian Second Empire style, I remain a vital aid to navigation. If I decay any further, they may demolish me and replace me with an unsightly metal beacon.

The Woman’s Club of Great Neck cares about me. I hope you do, too. They are holding their annual philanthropy fundraiser in my honor. I hope you can attend.

It will be held on Saturday, Nov. 17, at noon at the Woman’s Club of Great Neck on Old Mill Rd. They will be showing the play, The Mean Old Man, directed by Robert Previto. Following the play, there will be a luncheon. The cost will be $50 per person. The proceeds will go to the Lighthouse Restoration Fund.

Please send your check payable to the Woman’s Club of Great Neck to Aurora Collins, cochair of philanthropy, 2537 Rutler St., Bellmore, NY 11710. For questions, call 516-826-3828.

If you would like more information about me personally, go to the Great Neck Historical Society website at www.greatneckhistorical.org and click on lighthouse.

Thanks. It means a lot to me.

The Woman’s Club of Great Neck


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