Woman Fatally Stabbed As Suspect “Rids House Of Evil”

Faye Doomchin, in white at Nassau County Police headquarters on Aug. 14, was charged with second-degree murder. (Photo by Josh Rothstein)

A 61-year-old woman visiting from England was stabbed to death in a Great Neck home on the afternoon of Monday, Aug. 13, according to the Nassau County Homicide Squad.

Detective Lieutenant Stephen Fitzpatrick reported that Faye Doomchin, 66, of Great Neck, was charged with second-degree murder after she stabbed the victim in her home.

The British victim, who has been identified as Denise Webster, 61, of Garwood, United Kingdom, was visiting a male friend and he brought her to socialize with Doomchin, who the male friend also knew.

“They had lunch and came back to the house,” Fitzpatrick said. “There was no incident prior to this violence that happened within the house.”

Faye Doomchin was arrested for fatally stabbing a visitor to her Great Neck home.

Doomchin lived on North Road with her husband and 23-year-old adopted daughter. She was mentally stable at the time of the arrest, but a full evaluation will be conducted through the district attorney’s office.

The victim arrived in the United States on Aug. 8 and planned to remain for a three-week visit. She was staying with the male friend in Queens and had never met Doomchin prior to the engagement on Monday.

“Sometime while they were sitting in the living room, they were talking and the woman made statements that she [Doomchin] didn’t like,” Fitzpatrick said. “She did not like the women from England. She claims she needed to rid the house of evil.”

Doomchin appeared from the kitchen with a knife, walked over to the victim and stabbed her in the chest. The mutual male friend called the authorities at 3:52 p.m.
on Monday.

The victim was transported to a local hospital in a Nassau County Police Ambulance and was pronounced dead by a hospital physician later in the day.

Doomchin has one prior arrest in 1999 for second-degree assault with a knife. While Doomchin did not serve time for the first arrest, Fitzpatrick will look further into the court-order disposition.

There were no issues between the victim and Doomchin at lunch. They picked up cake and returned to the house to play piano, without any problems. Police say that sometime during the victim’s stay in her house, Doomchin had an aggressive feeling toward her and told the male friend that she needed to rid the house of evil.

Doomchin was arrested in her home without incident, according to Fitzpatrick, and was arraigned at First District Court in Hempstead on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

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