Why Publish An Anonymous Letter?


We understand that there have been people who dispute our claims of abuse regarding Commissioner Frank Cilluffo. The charges of harassment and bullying in the workplace of the Great Neck Park District (GNPD) by Mr. Cilluffo are true and we have enough proof, provided to this newspaper, for them to believe our claims.

We have come out with our stories to this newspaper at this time because we hope that the residents of Great Neck will not reelect Mr. Cilluffo for commissioner this month. We support Neil Leiberman for GNPD commissioner because we have found him to be honest, hardworking and fair. He is very knowledgeable about the needs of the community and we agree with his vision of a bright future for the Great Neck Park District.

We have, in the past, brought our frightening and intolerable situation with Mr. Cilluffo to the previous superintendent of parks, Commissioners Lincoln and Nachmanoff, the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA), the officials at the Town of North Hempstead and the GNPD lawyers. This is documented. They don’t know how to handle this situation any more than we do. They have been unable or unwilling to address this situation and prefer to sweep it under the rug. We are afraid to lose our jobs, our pensions and our health care as punishment and retaliation from Mr. Cilluffo.

As commissioner, he has the final authority to exact such revenge. Strong words? Yes. Incredible claims of unethical and illegal acts? Yes. We understand that the man you know and like, who is friendly and charming, who pleases the tennis players, the hockey players and the boat owners, is not the man we portray to you.

Why would someone bully, intimidate, threaten and smear underlings? Why would someone then lie about it all? Why would associates, knowing it to be true, do nothing? There is no monetary gain. There is no promotional gain. But there is prestige and control and power.

So ask yourself, what if what these GNPD employees are saying is really the truth? What if what these GNPD employees are saying is just the tip of the iceberg of abuses that are being carried out by Mr. Cilluffo? What if the other two commissioners are compliant to the abuse by their silence and denial? What if the GNPD lawyers are covering it all up?

We are not disgruntled employees, we are men and women, just like you, who work hard to provide for our families and are afraid of the ramifications of speaking out against Mr. Cilluffo.

If you can believe that this is some elaborate plot to undermine Mr. Cilluffo for no good reason, or to secure an election, or if you believe that our anonymity is unjustified, that is your opinion. The truth will eventually come out thanks to the Great Neck Record.

Think of us when you cast your vote for Great Neck park commissioner on Dec. 13. And say a silent prayer that our situation never becomes your situation. Thank you.

—Names Still Withheld

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  1. Continuing to be anonymous only shows your cowardice and lack of evidence. If you really had this evidence we would know about it, wouldn’t we? You know what other group of people don’t show their face or names? Fill in the blank. I suppose you all forgot there are laws to protect you, and that the GNPD is a municipality and that is still governed by state laws. So if you are going to claim you are afraid, why don’t you protect yourselves instead of starting a media hate campaign? If you really believe you are right, then stand up and show your face. If not, stop it. Just stop it already.

  2. Good luck remaining anonymous once Cilluffo’s lawyers file a libel suit against the paper. Do you really think the paper will take the hit financially and not give out your names, once they are subpoenaed?

  3. Bring it on. Then it will all come out in depositions. You are assuming that this is all lies. It is not. He’s done. This isn;t going to end. There are at least 2 civil lawsuits coming against Cilluffo and the GNPD. Better sell your Park District bonds people.

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