Letter: Why Can’t Our Village Keep Restaurants?


In the course of a few months, another restaurant is closing in Great Neck Plaza: Element Seafood. It was a fine restaurant.

Why can’t our village keep restaurants?

Mr. Corn, vice president of the Business Improvement District, said: “The amount of restaurants we have, we can’t support.”

It is not the amount, sir, it is the type.

I have lived in Great Neck Plaza for more than 40 years and there has not been a good, diversified restaurant since Millie’s left.

I eat out several times a week and don’t mind walking a few blocks, because I don’t actually like valet parking.

When I want a diner or coffee shop, I drive three miles to Louie’s in Manhasset on Plandome Road, where there is better food, better servers and they don’t “honey, sweetie” you.

If I want a restaurant like the former Millie’s, I can go a few times a week to Cipollini on Northern Boulevard in Manhasset, where you can get a burger, a great salad, just soup, fish and meat from a very varied menu with a lively, upscale, fun crowd.

For Italian, there is Il Mulino on Northern Boulevard in Roslyn, the new, more-moderately priced Umberto’s of Manhasset or even Villa Milano in Manhasset.

For Mediterranean, there is Limani on Northern Boulevard in Roslyn. Shall I go on and on? And these don’t include the restaurants in Port Washington or nearby Queens.

When going to the movies, I go to Manhasset or to Roslyn Bow Tie, as do my friends. The Squire offers few or no art or foreign films that my friends and I like.

It is the type, not the amount. I love to walk to stores and restaurants here, but there are very few I patronize. Sorry. The statistics say that many people eat out very, very frequently. Too bad the village doesn’t have more to offer.

—Bonnie Lyons Salkind


  1. My husband and I also dine out frequently.
    We must agree that there is a paucity of
    restaurants in Great Neck that appeal to
    those of us who have lived here for many years.
    Both Millie’s and Bruzells offered extensive, diversified lunch and dinner menus that attracted
    people who lived in Great Neck as well as neighboring communities. We would be delighted
    to support dining in Great Neck that appeals to
    cuisine we enjoy.

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