Wheelchair Access In Winter


LTRTerry_020316.AI thought I should bring this to the Chamber of Commerce’s attention. My mom is 90 years old and in a wheelchair. Basically trapped in the house during the winter, we jump at the opportunity to take a walk on a temperate day. We knew that the snow might present obstacles, but never expected that the snow plowers would clean the sidewalk and pile the snow right in front of a wheelchair ramp crossing. Trapped again, only outdoors. On both corners of Grace and Bond Street and Grace and Middle Neck, the ramps are blocked with piles of plowed snow with clear sidewalk curbs on either side. The Great Neck Sanitation community should know that getting the job done means getting it done in a thoughtful and responsible manner, and that means being careful where they dump the snow. Going out of their way to make sure all the ramps were cleaned up would go a long way to those people out there stuck traveling in wheelchairs.

Terry MakoverLTRTerry_020316.B

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