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Great Neck residents, we want to hear from you.
Word on the street says that Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and county officials are planning on putting the one speed camera designated for the Great Neck School District on the service road of the Long Expressway, at the South Campus, where no one walks. Why this spot? Not only are all Great Neck South High School and Middle School students sent to and from school by bus (no walkers), the LIE Service Road is hardly a road heavily populated by pedestrians. Who would walk there? Local determination, by school district personnel and village officials called for a speed camera on Polo Road, in front of the North Middle School, where pedestrians abound.
Come on! Wake up!
Could the determination been based on revenue that would come from tickets (Polo Road ticket revenue would to to the local village)? Could the original premise, protecting children, have just been thrown to the wind?
Does money really come before our children?


  1. Its obvious that these speed cameras have ALWAYS been about the money; just look at what the county did by placing a camera on the LIE service road by Great Neck South high school. No student pedestrian traffic here, but they didn’t want to put a camera on Polo Road where there is student traffic because the revenue would go to the village, not to the county. And to top it all off, the county refuses to divulge the number of tickets or the revenue generated by these cameras. It has always been money first and safety second to the county, no matter what they say. Just who do these elected officials represent? I always thought it was the people, am I wrong?!!

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