Wet Wipes Warning


The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD) urges residents not to flush wet wipes down the toilet and instead dispose of them in the trash. The announcement comes after a sharp rise in damage to plumbing and sewage treatment plants throughout the country, including New York City.

“The GNWPCD serves more than 25,000 residents in the local area,” said GNWPCD Commissioner Steve Reiter. “Our job is becoming more difficult because not all wipes are flushable, they can clog homeowners’ connections causing backups into houses as well as damage to the district’s pumps, screens and infrastructure.”

Moist wipes are marketed as flushable and able to disintegrate; however, they do not dissolve the way toilet paper does. According to recent reports by New York City officials, approximately $18 million has been spent since 2010 on wipe related equipment problems. With sales of flushable wipes on the rise, GNWPCD officials hope awareness will entice residents to alter their wipe disposable practices.

“Residents must be aware of the damage these wet wipes can cause,” added Reiter. “We encourage residents not to flush wet wipes but to dispose of them in the trash.”

For additional information and updates about the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District, call their office at 516-482-0238 or visit www.gnwpcd.net.

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