Welcoming The New And Thanking The Old

    Dr. Paul Brody, displaying the Jerusalem Flag, receives the Jack Shaw Memorial Service Award from outgoing President Jordan Wolf.

    Many members of the Great Neck Synagogue (GNS) attended the Annual Meeting of the GNS. Daniel Aharon was elevated as it’s new president, and Harold Domnitch, former long-standing chairman of the board, was brought back in that role. They, along with their executive and general boards, were unanimously elected by those in attendance.
    After the assemblage sang the Star Spangled Banner and Hatikva, words of deep appreciation were expressed to outgoing president Jordan Wolf and outgoing chairman of the board Dov Sassoon, who admirably kept the Synagogue together during COVID-19’s tumultuous times and challenges. Sassoon presented Wolf with the traditional encased large Kiddush cup for his service as president. It was noted that Wolf followed in the footsteps of his father Howard Wolf, who formerly served as President of GNS.

    President Jordan Wolf and wife Rivka proudly hold the Kiddush cup presented to him, flanked by Rivka and Carl Rosenberg on the left, and Dr. Paul and Drora Brody on the right, recipients of the Jack Shaw Memorial Service Award.

    New members were warmly welcomed, as each was individually called out by name. Rabbi Dale Polakoff movingly encapsulated the life of each of 11 members who passed away during the past year. Chazzan Yitzy Spinner sang the Kel Maleh Rachamim in their memory.
    Two members were awarded the Synagogue’s coveted Jack Shaw Memorial Service Award: Dr. Paul Brody and Carl Rosenberg. Each of them expressed diverse words of thanks after Rabbi Polakoff detailed the accomplishments and particular contributions of each of the recipients to the Great Neck Synagogue and to the larger Jewish Community.
    —Submitted by the Great Neck Synagogue

    From the left; Rivka and Carl Rosenberg, Marcy and Daniel Aharon, Lorraine and Harold Domnitch and Drora and Paul Brody. (Photo Credit: GNS Photo File)

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