Letter: Wedding Cake Building

The “wedding cake building,” located at the corner of Piccadilly Road and Middle Neck Road, which was constructed in the 1930s as an Oldsmobile dealership and gas station, is unique in design and has become a landmark in Great Neck.

I second Alice Kasten’s call to save the “wedding cake building” on the northeast corner of Middle Neck and Piccadilly roads (Letters in the Oct. 3 issue).

As a young boy growing up in Great Neck, I took dance lessons with friends on the second floor of that building. I can still turn a decent cha-cha more than 65 years later.

Every time I return to visit, I know I am back home when I see this building. I still hear music as I pass it.

Richard J. Gerber, who planned the Great Neck North 50th reunion last summer, is a collectible book dealer in Lake Peekskill, NY.

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