Waldbaum’s To Close Doors Nov. 22 



Photos by Sheri ArbitalJacoby
Photos by Sheri ArbitalJacoby

After several unsuccessful auctions, Waldbaum’s on Great Neck Road will be closing its doors on or around Nov. 22, according to sources in the know. All merchandise and fixtures are being liquidated.

While A&P went through bankruptcy proceedings to liquidate its grocery stores, some were auctioned off and sold to major chains, some closed and others, like our beloved Waldbaum’s, remained in limbo.

At the most recent auctions, no bids were accepted, though the company spokesperson for A&P declined to comment about what transpired.

What will become of the Waldbaum's at 40 Great Neck Rd.?
What will become of the Waldbaum’s at 40 Great Neck Rd.?

According to sources familiar with the process, because Waldbaum’s is in Chapter 11, the store is involved in a court-supervised auction and the judge who oversees the auction process has to approve a fair bid.

“We’re busy hanging closing signs,” said one employee, who didn’t know the fate of the store.

“We’re doing everything we can for our members to provide whatever support we can during this difficult time,” said Nikki Kateman, deputy director of politics, communications and special projects for Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW (Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union/United Food & Commercial Workers International Union).

Waldbaum’s: We’re going to miss you!!!
Waldbaum’s: We’re going to miss you!!!

Local 338 is working with the national union and the New York State Department of Labor to hold resource fairs and seminars for its members, helping them update their résumés, bringing in employers to do on-site job applications and are helping them get resources for things they need going forward.

Some residents are extremely upset. Others have ideas about what should open in its place. Here’s what people are saying:

Waldbaums B Store interiorWaldbaum’s closing down is the worst possible thing to hear. Where would people go shopping? How would they go shopping? Everyone I know keeps saying they don’t know where to go shopping. Most importantly, it’s that time of year when all the holidays are coming up and people need to do big shopping and there is no place to do shopping here. This is very frustrating news for all the people in Great Neck.

—Name Withheld

I have been a resident of Great Neck my entire life. A Trader Joe’s in Great Neck would be a huge asset to all of the residents and to Great Neck. I hope they take it into consideration.

—Brenda Livieim

We would love for Fairway to open in Great Neck!!! We need a big supermarket that carries a wide selection of groceries and fish and produce!

—Name withheld

Best Market should go into Waldbaum’s location. The one in New Hyde Park is a terrific store. I would love to see one closer to GN! Their bakery is good, it’s a clean store and they have a senior discount on Monday through Thursday. The other supermarket I would love to see is Wegmans. Now that’s a fabulous store! And would fit so well into Great Neck.

—Judi Rosenzweig 

ShopRite or Stop & Shop.


I saw your article about the Waldbaum’s space…I have two words for you…TRADER JOE’S!!

—Shirley Kamali

Wegmans is wonderful.


King Kullen.


Stop & Shop.


ShopRite! It has the most kosher items!


Kings is a terrific store.

—Mark J. Bunim

Stop & Shop, ShopRite, King Kullen, Trader Joe’s!


Gristedes, CTown, North Shore Farms.


A Trader Joe’s would be great in that space. Many residents of Great Neck travel all the way to Westbury to the existing one. I think it would do well.



Trader Joe’s, ShopRite. Most likely, it will end up another bank.


I think Wegmans should open a store on Long Island and Great Neck is the perfect location.

—Diane Goldsmith

I vote for ShopRite. It is a great store that I really enjoyed shopping in. There is one in Plainview and also one in Woodbury right near each other but none around this part of Nassau, why not? Also, a Trader Joe’s would be nice, too. I have shopped in these stores in Plainview, Westbury, even in Commack and Valley Stream. There are none around western Nassau. You now have my nominations and votes. I am hopeful.

—Joyce Sycoff

Great Neck residents want to support a local grocery store. Let’s hope the chains are listening.

In the meantime, where are you planning to go grocery shopping? Please email your responses to sarbitaljacoby@antonmediagroup.com.

Read an update about Waldbaum’s: here.


  1. We need to replace Walbaums, but replacement with a Traderjoes or Fairway will cause major traffic issues in the area. People from all over go shopping at these chains-it will not be only Great Neck residents shopping there.

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