Letter: Vote In Library Election


In a season of important elections, there’s a small but important one on Oct. 29. That’s the date for all library lovers and users to chart the course of our future library resources.

One of the candidates for trustee is David Zielenziger, whom I have known for decades. David is easily our community’s most tireless observer. He attends almost all local political meetings just because he is a good citizen who knows that an informed electorate is the cornerstone of our republic.

David believes in knowledge. He wants it for himself, and he wants it for others. I think that David’s commitment to raw knowledge is the quality that best sets him apart from other candidates. He really wants all of us to be as informed as possible.

He does endless research himself, so he knows the value of “looking it up” as a way to exercise your rights to accomplish just about anything. A library trustee should be fueled by a personal mission of giving the rest of us the keys to the information castle, and David Zielenziger is devoted to the acquiring of knowledge. He will make a great library trustee, and I urge everyone to vote for him.

—Elizabeth Allen

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