Letter: Vote For Sobel And Namdar


I’m writing in support of the candidacy of Bart Sobel and Norman Namdar.

In 2010, after serving as a village trustee for 10 years, I decided not to run for reelection to my position as trustee in Great Neck Village.

I was asked by my party to help find a suitable candidate to run for my seat. I instantly thought of Bart Sobel, who by then had served as a member of the planning board for four years. He had also served in an elected position at the Great Neck Library for several years and he volunteered as a resident advisor to the Great Neck Park District. Several others recommended him as well.

When we approached Bart with the suggestion that he run for trustee, his first reaction was to inquire whether there might be anyone more experienced than him to run. As experienced as he was, he still had the humility to question whether he’d be the best candidate.

Thankfully, Bart came to the right conclusion and has served with distinction ever since. Bart’s patience and respect for his position are two of his greatest attributes. He is generous with his time and diligent in his role as trustee. He is respectful to the residents and employees of the village alike. Even though he was elected under the previous administration, he has apparently earned the respect and admiration of the new mayor as well and was appointed deputy mayor last year.

There can be no challenge from an inexperienced candidate.

There can be no choice but to reelect the incumbents.

Please vote on June 19 to reelect Trustees Sobel and Namdar.

—Edna Guilor-Segal

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