Vote For Rebecca Sassouni


I am writing to share my enthusiastic support for Rebecca Sassouni, who is running for the trustee seat formerly held by Susan Healy on the Board of Education (BOE) of the Great Neck Public Schools. I have known Rebecca for many years, as our paths crossed often while serving as volunteers for various parent bodies/boards at the Great Neck Public Schools (GNPS), as well as at our synagogue, Temple Israel of Great Neck. I have always been a big fan of Rebecca, and I find her to be a great listener, an out-of-the-box problem-solver, an advocate for all of the children in our community, an open-minded thinker looking to see and understand various points of view, a selfless individual who is extremely poised and level-headed, one who stands up and is passionate about what she believes and a person with a strong moral compass.

After listening to Rebecca at the April 24 panel discussion featuring the BOE candidates, I am even more convinced that she is the perfect candidate for the Board of Education. She exhibited many of the aforementioned traits while speaking that evening and, even more commendable, she was genuine. As a trustee, I feel Rebecca will do the right thing for all of Great Neck, not merely for a smaller component of the community. Too often in politics I feel that decisions are made to follow the paths of least resistance, even when those decisions don’t offer the best long-term solutions. I trust Rebecca to do the necessary due diligence and to be thorough in learning about complex issues, as well as to insist on getting all the facts to make informed (and sometimes difficult) decisions. Your vote for Rebecca is not only a vote for the future of our children and GNPS, but, perhaps more importantly, a vote for the future of the Great Neck community. I urge you to support our town and cast your vote for Rebecca Sassouni on May 16.

Debbie Volk

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