Vote For Peirez On Dec. 6


We have had the good fortune and privilege of over 40 years of friendship with Donna Peirez and her husband, Bill. She has been a pillar of the community in so many ways and has demonstrated total dedication to the education of the children of Great Neck. As a PTA president, committee chair and president of the United Parent Teacher Council, as well as chair of Shared Decision Making, she volunteered countless hours over many years to making our schools the best they can be. Then, she spent 28 years as a classroom teacher at the Lakeville Elementary School and earned a reputation for being one of the most beloved and desired teachers in the entire school system.

But, it is equally important to note that Donna and Bill Peirez are residents and taxpayers in Great Neck, just like the rest of us, and share our concerns about school spending and taxes. Donna understands what is needed to provide the most effective education possible and where the possible waste and inefficiencies lie. And, as she has proven time and time again, Donna knows how to bring contentious parties together so that we can all work together for the only constituency that matters to her: the children.

It is not often that the community is presented with a candidate for the Board of Education with the experience, credentials and dedication of Donna Peirez and we urge you to vote for her on Dec 6.

Trudy and Steven Markowitz

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