Vote For Patty Katz


On Tuesday, Dec. 13, I will be voting to elect my neighbor Patty Katz for Commissioner of the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District. Patty will work tirelessly for the continuing purity of our water and the environment.

As a member of the Reach Out America Executive Board, I can attest to Patty’s acumen in advocating fresh ideas and taking action on issues requiring leadership both as vice president of the organization and as past chairwoman of the Environmental Committee which she initiated.

From the time of Patty’s first foray into raising funds for a mission, which resulted in bringing potable water to villages in Kenya, she has alerted the public to the important health-saving efforts of monitoring a clean water supply.

Patty is an energetic and focused individual who will be a tremendous asset to the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District. I urge you to vote for her at either Great Neck House on Arrandale Avenue or Great Neck Social Center on Grace Avenue.

—Sybil Bank

Read “Katz Announces Candidacy For GNWPCD Board.”

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