Vote For Gilliar And Harel


If the mayor of Great Neck and his running mates are reelected, the village will ultimately become the Long Island equivalent of Kiryas Joel [a village within the town of Monroe in Orange County, NY, where the majority of its residents are Yiddish-speaking Hasidic Jews]. That can’t happen here.

The puppet of his religious taskmasters, the mayor has stripped the Zoning and Planning Boards of their powers and assumed them himself. He launched unprecedented attacks on our school district, volunteer fire departments and ambulance service. He served sidewalk violation citations on 500 residents, giving them only one day to fix them, forcing homeowners to pay thousands for repairs.

He kept the ill-planned rezoning of Middle Neck and Steamboat Roads in place. He’s made no plans for the 191 apartments and more than 320 cars soon to come to the new AvalonBay complex on East Shore Road. He will do nothing to stop more properties escaping the tax rolls to become owned by religious institutions, adding to the village’s losses.

He passed a law to effectively allow for mother-daughter apartments, illegal under village code. He has done nothing to attract business to the village, claiming credit for some of the Orthodox-owned businesses that are expanding. He has stated there is no room for shops due to online retail. He laughed off citizen concerns about 1,04 Dioxane in our water, despite sitting on the board of the water authority.

Vote for Rebecca Gilliar and Adam Harel on June 20 and consider a write-in candidate for the second trustee position on their Village Unity line. We need a secular majority to assure our future, before it’s too late.

—David Zielenziger


  1. I wish there was someone that is a little more in touch with reality to give this message than David Zielenziger. There are a lot of inaccuracies in this article and a lot of exaggerations which the writer is using to brew division and hate. There is not a single Yiddish speaking family or establishment in Great Neck, and there is 0% chance any of the current residents or its mayor turn this town into Kiryas Joel. Further, it is discriminatory to a big segment of the Great Neck community we all live in to say these ignorant remarks, and at a time when we need unity, this author is throwing around innuendo to pin us all against each other. I am not making any statements on who to support for Mayor of Great Neck, but I am saying this author is a disgusting, hate-filled man who should not be taken seriously.

  2. Disgusting letter filled with lies and hate. The residents of Great Neck must shun the letter writer and his candidates

  3. This is the most absurd article i have ever read. I always doubt articles telling me to vote for one party by only pointing out made up negatives on the opposition. Maybe if David Zielenziger focused more on pointing out any positives Rebecca Gilliar and Adam Harel have I might have thought about giving them a chance. Mayor Pedram Bral has done a fantastic job the past couple years and he has my trust in continuing his good work over the next few as well. This article is simply anti semetic and truly filled with hate.

  4. Shame on Great Neck records for being a platform for anti-semetic and absurd articles like this. This is really way over the red line. I encourage all to contact the ADL at
    and report these shameful untrue and anti-semitc publishings on Great Neck Records

  5. The author just blatantly states that Great Neck cannot become the equivalent of Kiryas Joel. Why? Solelely and exclusively because a large population of Hasidic Jews have settled there. This is not a rational argument, this is hate. The author hates Jews and wants to incite people on that basis. This comment is written by an antisemite. This is inciteful speech and not protected by the 1st ammendment. I demand that it be taken down.

  6. This is entirely inappropriate. To have complaints against the mayor is one thing. But to start your article with inciteful speech that implies a hatred towards Jews is absurd. This cannot be tolerated by anyone with any moral values.

  7. Mr. David Zielenziger

    It is sad…. you are a true bigot, an anti semite and an intolerant

    it has been your pattern…

    Shame on you…

    Persian Jews Escaped Islamic dictator ship and came to USA and made something out of nothing for themselves.
    Very professional people, all educated and great business people.

    Persian Jews are as much residents of Great neck as the rest of the residents. It is shameful for you claiming to be a secular to keep attacking them.
    Stop it already and accept the fact that your neighbors have changed in the past 10 -20 years and you live happier. you do not like it sell your house at 10 times the price before Persian jews moved in and go buy a mansion somewhere else so you are not bothered by other peoples religion.

    It is so sad when a Jew who chose to not to follow his own religion attacks the rest who decided to follow it. Did they hurt you in anyway?

    Dr. Mayor Bral has improved the village greatly, saved us a lot of money and has listened to the complaints of the residents.

    He is respectful, tolerant, educated and more man that you will ever be.

    He will win this election because he has done an amazing job for the people of great neck.

    The zoning laws of great neck are very restrictive. It makes it impossible to enhance or build your home without selling your kidney and pull your hair out in wait of permits and zoning appeal … look at the application for the board of zoning appeal .. it will cost few thousand dollar just for the village costs and few thousand for the architect and then you need 13 copies of the plans printed on papers the size of 2 ffet by 3 feet and each plan has 10 pages at least that is 130 pages of 2 by 3 FEET each .. that is just one requirement…. beside the waste of paper it costs around 600$ to print all that , and god forbid you make a mistake and you need to reprint! these are issues that Mayor Bral is working on one at the time and try to fix. Stop your nonsense and instead of attacking a good Mayor and people of great neck try to help and you might find your self be a happier person.

  8. Thanks for giving me some clarity David. I was actually going to vote for Rebecca once I read your article of what hatred she stands for I will be voting for Bral! This kind of hate that you are spreading with this article is purely evil and should have no place in our village

  9. Interesting observation given that a third of the population is Persian who don’t speak Yiddish. And I don’t believe that the people who worship at the First Baptist Church and St. Paul’s Church speak Yiddish.

  10. He will win because the majority of this town is persian and Jewish!! If you don’t like it move somewhere else!! It’s democracy get over ur lies!!

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