Letter: Vote For Barton Sobel


The Village of Great Neck will be holding a Board of Trustees election on Tuesday, June 19, when Barton Sobel will be seeking reelection for another term in office.

I urge all village voters to come out on election day and cast their vote for Trustee Sobel.

Barton Sobel has been an effective and energetic trustee for our village. He has developed extensive knowledge and expertise in many key areas, such as lighting of village streets, zoning and many other village improvement projects, all which are of vital interest to our community.

I have observed that his statements and decisions have been fair, well-informed and effective. I believe that the village cannot afford to lose Trustee Sobel at this time.

In my opinion, the opposition candidate does not offer anything substantive to village residents and would essentially require on-the-job training, which is not an attractive prospect. Therefore, I strongly believe that the reelection of Barton Sobel is our best choice.

—Leon Korobow

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