Vivi Bubble Tea Comes To The Plaza

Photos by Sheri ArbitalJacoby
Photos by Sheri ArbitalJacoby

Long Islanders no longer have to travel to New York City to get specialty beverages from Vivi Bubble Tea. The popular Taiwanese franchise recently opened at 6 South Station Plaza.

BubbleTeaEVivi Bubble Tea opened its first New York City shop in 2007, and has now expanded into a chain of more than 20 branches, one of the newest being in Great Neck. The company’s goal is to allow people from all over the country to enjoy traditional Taiwanese bubble tea. All ingredients are shipped from Taiwan to provide an authentic experience.

BubbleTeaFVivi Bubble Tea offers a bubble tea adventure with an extensive menu of flavored teas, milk teas, slush drinks, ice jelly teas and yakult drinks. Flavored teas range from kumquat lemon to green apple. Milk teas include coconut milk tea, Japanese matcha, chocolate milk tea and more. Ice jelly teas are teas topped with jelly made from fruit pulp. Yakult drinks are fermented milk drinks containing a probiotic known to help improve the immune system. Most Vivi Bubble Tea drinks are served with signature bobas, or tiny orbs of flavor.

BubbleTeaKVivi Bubble Tea provides a cute locale for hanging out with friends or studying while grabbing a hot or cold beverage along with a sweet treat. The store’s adorable essence is created through the pink bubble lettering and princess skull faces attached to the counter. The popular tea spot provides comfortable modern seating for its customers as they sip and chew their freshly made bubble tea through giant straws.

For more information about Vivi Bubble Tea, call 516-466-2502 or visit

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