Village Offers Steamboat Lot


villageWEBThe Board of Trustees of the Village of Great Neck determined that its municipal parking lot on Steamboat Road is surplus property, based on the new Steamboat Road Townhome Redevelopment Incentive Overlay zoning. That zoning is contained in the village code, available on the village’s website:

April 14, 2015, 4 p.m., has been set as the deadline for receipt of offers for the purchase of the property.

Although the prime concern of the board of trustees will be the sales price, the board will also be considering the other terms of the sale and the purchaser’s proposed project, in order to determine which of the offers will be in the best interests of the residents of the village. Therefore, any offer should include a plan and description of the proposed development of the property, whether or not any incentives will be sought under the proposed new zoning, and what amenities, physical or cash in lieu thereof, would be provided to the village as consideration for those incentives. After the village selects an offeree, it plans to require that site plan and other necessary reviews and approvals for construction on the site be completed before the sale is committed to that offeree by the village.

Anyone interested in making an offer may contact the mayor at 516-482-0019 or send an email to

The final decision as to the acceptance of any offer must be made by the board of trustees. Deadlines may be subject to change, and any or all offers may be rejected and are subject to modification with the consent of the village.

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