Vigilants Teach Safety At Street Festival

The Vigilants displayed apparatus, ambulances and equipment at AutoFest.

Members of the Vigilant Fire Company took part in the annual Street Festival and AutoFest in Great Neck Plaza on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 21.

The Vigilants displayed apparatus, ambulances and equipment, giving tours of the vehicles and answering questions. Engine 8314, Minipumper 837, Ladder 8312, Rescue 834 and Ambulances 832 and 8311 were on display for the public. Not only did curious visitors have a chance to look at different firetrucks and ambulances, they had the opportunity to see their local volunteers in action, as Vigilant members responded to alarms directly from the event.

“This is one of our biggest events in terms of interacting with the community that we serve,” said Vigilant Chief of Department Josh Charry. “Public education on health and safety is one of our primary goals and this event allows us to engage community members at a time when we aren’t responding to emergency calls.”

Charry offered simple steps to help prevent confusion when calling for an ambulance.

“Keep a list of current medications, medical conditions and allergies readily available,” suggested the chief. “Also include the name and phone number for your primary-care doctor and emergency contact person.”

Charry also offered fire-safety tips.

“Make sure your smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors work properly,” advised Charry. “Check the date of manufacture on the label and replace any detector that is more than seven years old. Change the batteries in your detectors twice a year, about six months apart. A general guideline is to change them on New Year’s Day and July Fourth.”

To learn more about what you can do to prevent fires and other hazardous conditions, contact your local fire department.

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