Vigilants Help Make Strides Against Cancer

Vigilants, friends and family joined the 25th annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

The Vigilant Fire Company joined hundreds of participants at the 25th annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach State Park on Sunday, Oct. 21.

While many of the walkers participate year after year, the Vigilants joined this year for personal reasons. Fire company volunteers walked to support one of their own—34-year member Kira Warren, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and was recently declared cancer free.

To show support for Warren’s fight, 50 Vigilants, friends and family joined her for the walk this year, raising more than $5,700 for cancer research, thanks to the coordinating efforts of Recording Secretary Kim Molina and First Assistant Fire Chief Justin Sachmechi.

The group walked with the slogan of #KKCA, which stands for Kira Kicked Cancer’s A**.

The Vigilant Fire Company, along with friends and family, showed their support for 34-year member Kira Warren, who was recently declared cancer free.

“Today, I was so honored and proud to be a Vigilant,” said Warren. “In my wildest dreams, I never imagined having 50 people walk with me, supporting me. You all have been there the last two years while I fought cancer, and I’m glad you were there with me today. You have all given me an amazing gift and should feel proud of yourselves.”

Vigilant Chief of Department Josh Charry explained what makes the Vigilants so special.

“From the day I joined the fire company, I heard members talking about the firehouse being a family, looking out for each other and supporting each other,” said Charry. “The firehouse becomes your second home and the members your second family. [The walk] proved this to be true. To have almost 50 people come out to support Kira is absolutely amazing. Kira has been a huge part of the fire company during her 34 years of membership, always ready to step up and help with anything or to help anyone. [The] turnout shows how much she means to all of us and how much we all care about her.”

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