Vigilant Responds To Woman In Labor Call

Each decal represents a birth that this Vigilant Fire Company ambulance has aided in and provided assistance.

The Great Neck Vigilant Fire Company received a call that a woman in active labor was having contractions one minute apart at a Saddle Rock Estates home on Aug. 28 at 6:25 p.m.

Within two minutes, a Vigilant Fire Company ambulance with a New York State–certified paramedic on board, a paramedic fly car with a second NYS–certified paramedic and the Vigilant Fire Company chief were en route. All responders arrived within four minutes of receiving the call.

Upon arrival, Vigilant’s EMS responders found that the woman had given birth with the father’s assistance. Vigilant responders then took control, cutting the newborn’s umbilical cord and administering care to both the mother and child before transporting the family to a nearby hospital.

“Our team is uniquely capable of handling all calls, but we [feel] a great sense of responsibility when responding to calls for women in labor,” said Vigilant Chief Joshua Forst. “Once again, the professionals at Vigilant handled the call with urgency and provided first-class care to both mother and child, ensuring a happy and healthy outcome.”

Vigilant Fire Company has become highly experienced in responding to emergency labor calls throughout the peninsula. To commemorate the birth of the new community members, Vigilant adds a special decal on the side of the responding ambulance that aided in the birth of the newborns.

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