Valerie Rice


Valerie Rice, 87, a 49-year resident of Great Neck, died on July 30. She was married to Julius Rice MD for 67 years and managed his medical practice. She was born in Durban, South Africa in 1925 and orphaned at age 11.

She was an excellent student who graduated high school with high honors. She married and helped her husband attend medical school and establish a medical practice. They emigrated to New York in 1963, looking for a brighter future for their daughters Beverley and Leonie.

Valerie continued to manage her husband’s medical practice in Great Neck and balanced her time raising her children and supporting the arts, primarily theater and various charities. She was an avid reader and a talented and prolific knitter. She was an active member of ORT for many years. She was well known for her stately appearance, generous spirit and loving manner.

Valerie Rice is survived by her husband Julius, daughters Beverley and Leonie, grandchildren Marcie, Craig, and Lindsay, and great-grandchildren Brett, Miles and Sybil.


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