Trump Abandons The Iran Nuclear Deal


As Barack Obama often boasted, a big chunk of his legacy relied on the stroke of his pen. He chose not to ratify the nuclear deal in the Senate. As a result, the current nuclear agreement is not a treaty and can be nullified by a new executive order. The treacherous activities of former Secretary of State John Kerry, attempting to undermine the current administration, underscores the level of heartache he and Obama experience, witnessing the unraveling of their centerpiece legacy in the Middle East.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was and is a bad deal. The Mullahs have used the money to dispense their evil influence and leverage in the region, enabling Assad to continue the slaughter of his people. Islamic Republic of Iran’s (IRI) financial and logistic support of the Houthis perpetuates the impasse in Yemen. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps use the money provided by the Europeans and Obama administration to facilitate the butchering of kids and adults in Yemen.

The cash delivered with the airplane in the dark of night has been largely funneled to Hezbollah’s head quarters in Lebanon, strengthening the terrorist organization and empowering them to continue to massacre anti-Assad regime rebels.

I wonder why those who decry President Donald Trump’s abandonment of the nuclear deal are mum about the suffering of Iranian youth? Why don’t they echo the sentiments of the Iranian heroines who bare-handedly fight off the regime cronies? Why should the USA assist the Europeans in their crusade to keep the regime of Mullahs alive?

Policy of appeasement is reckless. It didn’t work with Nazi Germany. It didn’t work with the Soviet Union. We can’t press the reset button with Ayatollahs. It didn’t work well with Vladimir Putin.

Farshid Drew Bakhshi has a broad and varied background in journalism in print, radio and television media. He has been the executive producer of radio talk shows at WNWK 105.9 FM and WEVD 1050 AM and completed his MA in Broadcast Journalism from New York University. Having lived in the USA, Iran and Israel, he is fluent in English, Farsi and Hebrew.


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