Troop 10 Rides And Camps In Montauk


TroopMontauk_041316.ATroop 10 of Great Neck recently spent a weekend in Montauk. The weekend was sunny (but cold on Sunday morning) as 21 Scouts camped out after a day at Deep Hollow Ranch.



On Saturday, Scouts were split into groups for instruction and training on horsemanship. Afterward, each group took an hour-long trail ride.

TroopMontauk_041316.CAfter the ride, they left the ranch and went to a state park to set up camp. Next, they climbed down to the ocean to witness intense landscapes, incredibly diverse rocks and a view of the lighthouse. They climbed back up the bluffs and returned to camp.

TroopMontauk_041316.DThree Scout patrols, one junior leader patrol and one adult leader patrol each cooked dinner. Menus varied but all had hearty meals. One patrol forgot to bring the ingredients for s’mores, so others shared. After a warming campfire, they went into their tents to sleep.

TroopMontauk_041316.ECooking the next morning was a bit challenging as small amounts of ice in the water buckets indicated the true temperature. Nevertheless, all enjoyed their hot breakfast and they struck camp, made sure the area was cleaner than they found it and headed home.

TroopMontauk_041316.FFamilies interested in joining Boy Scouts Troop 10 should email

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