Troop 10 Goes Rock Climbing And Camps In Snow


Troop 10 of Great Neck went on an overnight camping trip to western New Jersey.

Upon their morning arrival, the 16 Scouts set up camp and, after lunch, they began their afternoon activity. The Scouts, along with some of the adult leaders, were instructed by rappelling experts in the proper use of the helmet and harness, as well as the technique for belaying. The group was able to ascend two separate paths up a 60-foot vertical rock face, which wasn’t easy.

The Scouts returned to the campsite and the patrols cooked a dinner of beef tacos and pasta with meatballs and salad. The adults enjoyed appetizers of wings and steak, roasted Brussels sprouts and new potatoes for the main course. A Dutch oven Black Forest cake completed the meal as a delicious dessert. The Scouts enjoyed a campfire and s’mores, and the temperature dropped and they went to bed.

Despite the warning, it was still a surprise to see snow outside and fun to knock it off the tent from the inside. The temperature was cold, but above freezing. The Scouts and adults cooked and ate hearty breakfasts, struck camp and returned home by lunchtime.

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