Town Receives $1 Million+ In State Grants


The Town of North Hempstead is the recipient of four New York State grant awards totaling $1,145,458 that will fund projects to promote North Hempstead Beach Park, restore Hempstead Harbor wetlands, extend the baywalk in Port Washington and conduct an emergency phone and data redundancy feasibility project. The awards were part of more than $700 million in economic grants recently announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“We are excited to receive this funding from the Regional Economic grants to assist us with programs and initiatives that are important to the town’s residents,” said Supervisor Judi Bosworth. “This will help us make improvements to our infrastructure and give our residents outdoor destinations to explore. With over $1.14 million in funding, we know that this will positively impact the town’s long-term economic growth.”

The competitive statewide awards were established in 2011, along with the 10 Regional Councils, as part of the governor’s plan to jump-start the economy and create jobs. The Regional Councils are intended to empower communities, businesses and academic leaders, as well as members of the public in each region, to develop strategic plans specifically tailored to their region’s unique strengths and resources in order to grow the economy and improve quality of life.

The North Hempstead awards include:

• $82,500 for the North Hempstead Beach Park Promotion Campaign for which the town will promote three regional summer festivals. Together, these festivals will attract more than 15,000 visitors from
within Nassau County and the broader Long Island/NYC region
to celebrate culture, music and outdoor recreation.

• $7,500 for Emergency Data and Phone Installation, which North Hempstead will use for a comprehensive study to support its technical resiliency during extreme weather events and power outages. This will include an examination of wireless usage data redundancy and partnerships with local water and fire districts to support the town during emergency situations and extreme weather events.

Half Moon Beach (Photo by Julia Zeh)
Half Moon Beach (Photo by Julia Zeh)

• $400,000 for Hempstead Harbor Wetlands Restoration, which the town will use to restore a tidal wetland in Hempstead Harbor. The project will result in a highly productive ecosystem and diverse habitat that will filter out pollutants and nutrients from stormwater runoff.

• $655,458 for implementing North Hempstead’s Manhasset Baywalk. North Hempstead, in cooperation with the Villages of Baxter Estates, Port Washington North and Manorhaven, will make shoreline improvements to construct the baywalk along the eastern shore of Manhasset Bay, which will add 3,583 feet to the existing trail that begins at the Town Dock in Port Washington and ends in Baxter Estates—to connect to Manorhaven Park in the Village of Manorhaven. When completed, the entire baywalk will be 7,347 feet long.

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