Town Of North Hempstead Election Results


On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Americans across the country participated in election day to make their voice heard. The Town of North Hempstead had five races this year for Town Supervisor, Receiver of Taxes and Councilmember for Districts Two, Four and Six.
Town of North Hempstead Results (results from the Nassau County Board of Elections):
Town Supervisor:
• Jennifer DeSena (REP, CON) 26,405
• Jon Kaiman (DEM) 21, 575
Receiver of Taxes:
• Mary Jo Collins (REP, CON) 25, 719
• Veronica Lurvey (DEM) 21,641
Councilmember District Two:
• Edward Scott (REP, CON) 3,749
• Peter J. Zuckerman (DEM) 3,621
Councilmember District Four:
• Christine Liu (DEM) 4,793
• James W. Gounaris (REP, CON) 3,455
Councilmember District Six:
• Mariann Dalimonte (DEM) 6,034
• David C. Franklin (REP, CON) 2,854

As the election results were released, Anton Media Group reached out to the Town of North Hempstead elected officials to discuss their win and plans for beginning their new term.
Town of North Hempstead Supervisor DeSena was reelected into her second term as town supervisor.

“I’m very thankful that the taxpayers of North Hempstead put their faith in me to lead the town for the next two years,” said Supervisor DeSena. “I vow to continue to run this town with a taxpayer-first principle, and I look forward to continuing to deliver a good government agenda and the best services at the lowest cost possible.”

Incumbent Receiver of Taxes Charles Berman didn’t run this election, leading Mary Jo Collins and Veronica Lurvey to campaign for Receiver of Taxes. Collins won the race for the town’s Receiver of Taxes.

“I’m very, very pleased at the results, and it’s just really honoring that the voters of North Hempstead have elected me to be the new receiver of Taxes. I am very happy that the Republican Party prevailed,” said Collins. “It’s an opportunity for me to use my experience in finance and bring a business perspective to the role. That might be creating efficiencies in the office to try to improve. For example, are there ways that we can make paying taxes easier or more accessible?”

Scott was elected into the position of District Two Council member over incumbent Councilmember Zuckerman. District Two includes Albertson, East Hills, East Williston, Glenwood Landing, Greenvale, Herricks, Manhasset Hills, Roslyn Harbor, Roslyn Heights and Searingtown.

Scott didn’t respond to Anton Media Group by press time. The following quote is from his campaign website, edited down for brevity.

“As President of the Albertson Square Civic Association, Edward Scott knows what it takes to bring people together and be a voice for positive change. He knows what it takes to improve our quality of life in the Town of North Hempstead and will deliver these same positive results throughout the town,” reads Edward’s website bio. “Hard work, giving back and standing up for what’s right are three principles Edward’s parents taught him as a young man. It’s these beliefs that led Edward into a lifetime of public service. Edward Scott will work to repave more roads, schedule street sweeping, illegal housing, and neighborhood eyesores. He will work in a bi-partisan way to achieve real results for the people of North Hempstead.”

Christina Liu has been elected as the Councilmember for District Four. District Four includes areas of Manhasset and the unincorporated Allenwood area of Great Neck, as well as the Villages of Great Neck, Kensington, Kings Point, North Hills, Roslyn, Roslyn Estates and Thomaston.

In a press release from Liu, she said, “I am humbled and honored to be elected by the residents of the Fourth Council District and I have so many people to thank on this journey. This victory isn’t just about me; it’s about all of us. It is about electing the first Asian American Town Council Member in the 239-year history of the Town of North Hempstead. Our victory reflects the changing demographics of the Town, and I look forward to using my position to create positive change for our entire community. I will represent everyone, of all backgrounds.”

“I didn’t set out to make history when I decided to run for office,” said Liu. “I ran because I wanted my neighbors to feel that they had access and representation in their government. For far too long, our community has felt they didn’t have a voice. I promised to be their voice and I will keep that promise.”

Incumbent Councilmember Dalimonte was reelected to continue to represent District Six. District Six encompasses Port Washington, Sands Point, Manorhaven, Baxter Estates, Plandome Manor, Flower Hill, Port Washington North, Plandome, Munsey Park and Plandome Heights.

“I am so excited about being reelected. I’ve worked so hard the last four years; the community came out strong to support me, to show me that they want me to continue in office. And that, to me, is just priceless,” said Dalimonte. “I’m honored to represent them again for the next four years. I’m truly grateful to every single person who came out to vote for me. It’s unbelievable. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, and I will always advocate for them.”

“I cannot wait to continue cleaning up Manhasset Bay, completing the Town Dock project and focusing on our infrastructure, getting our roads paved,” said Dalimonte. “I am really looking forward to advocating and doing things for our community. And what we really need to get done is to be dredging Manhasset Bay.”

The incumbents voted to stay in office will continue their work and the newly elected officials will assume their positions in the new year.

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