Town of North Hempstead Election Guide


Town Of North Hempstead Candidates

Tuesday, Nov. 7, is election day. Below is candidate information for the Town of North Hempstead’s Supervisor, Receiver of Taxes, District Two Councilmember, District Four Councilmember and District Six Councilmember.


Jennifer DeSena REP, CON
During my first term, I have delivered on a good government agenda that has provided tax cuts 2 years in a row, enhanced quality of life and public safety, made significant investments in infrastructure, instituted new municipal reforms, and boosted government transparency measures. If re-elected, I will continue to cut taxes, work with law enforcement to enhance public safety, and continue to root out corruption and restore honesty and integrity to government. I made a promise to return town government to the people, and I plan to continue to deliver on that. To learn more, visit

Jon Kaiman DEM
Democrat Jon Kaiman seeks election to return as Town of North Hempstead Supervisor. A trusted, tested and experienced public servant who is an innovative and commonsense problem-solver, Kaiman previously served as a District Court Judge, North Hempstead Town Supervisor (2004-2013) including devising and implementing its 311 Call Center and Project Independence for its seniors, chair of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA), led the state’s response to Superstorm Sandy and currently is Deputy County Executive in Suffolk. Kaiman offers a dynamic vision on how to approach town government and how North Hempstead Town should work for its residents. To learn more, visit or email

Receiver of Taxes

Mary Jo Collins REP, CON
The most important issues for my campaign are; 1) Work alongside Supervisor DeSena and the town board to help cut taxes 2) Make paying taxes more convenient and to offer more payment options 3) Present tax reducing seminars to show taxpayers how to reduce their taxes through exemptions and assessment challenges and 4) Improve the Receiver of Taxes communication to homeowners to help avoid unnecessary late payment penalties. I will use my 40-year background in finance, experience as a Village trustee, and skills as an Independent Director for a Financial Services firm to deliver these improvements for homeowners. For more information visit

Veronica Lurvey DEM
Veronica Lurvey’s campaign for Receiver of Taxes in North Hempstead focuses on three key issues: fiscal responsibility, transparency, and community engagement. Fiscal responsibility involves efficiently managing taxpayer funds and ensuring prudent financial practices. Transparency is the cornerstone of accountable governance, guaranteeing that residents have access to information and insight into their local government. Community engagement reflects her dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that every resident has a say in local governance. As Receiver of Taxes, Veronica’s mission is to combine sound financial management and active community involvement to create a stronger, more equitable North Hempstead for all residents. Visit for more information.

Councilmember for District Two
Incumbent Councilmember Peter Zuckerman (DEM) and Edward Scott (REP, CON) are running for the Town of North Hempstead’s Councilmember for District Two. District two includes Albertson, East Hills, East Williston, Glenwood Landing, Greenvale, Herricks, Manhasset Hills, Roslyn Harbor, Roslyn Heights and Searingtown.

Peter Zuckerman DEM
My top three priorities for re-election to North Hempstead Town Council are affordability, preserving our quality of life, and providing essential services. I am committed to addressing the challenges of rising living costs and taxes to ensure that our community remains affordable for all residents. I will work tirelessly to preserve our quality of life by tackling issues like traffic congestion, noise, and environmental concerns. Additionally, I will continue to prioritize efficient service delivery, ensuring that our town offers reliable public transportation and responsive municipal services that meet the needs of our residents. Campaign contact email is | Facebook:

Edward Scott REP, CON
Did not respond by press time. Visit for information.

Councilmember for District Four
Christine Liu (DEM) and James W. Gounaris (REP, CON) are running for the Town of North Hempstead’s Councilmember for District Four. District Four includes areas of Manhasset and the unincorporated Allenwood area of Great Neck, as well as the Villages of Great Neck, Kensington, Kings Point, North Hills, Roslyn, Roslyn Estates and Thomaston.

Christine Liu DEM
As Town Council Member, I will address three key concerns for District 4 voters – Community Safety, Reviving Downtown Businesses, and Senior Housing and Programming. I have a track record of working closely with local law enforcement and will continue to strive for a safer community for all North Hempstead residents. I will endeavor to find innovative ways of supporting entrepreneurship and development to revive our downtown business districts and drive economic growth. Finally, our seniors deserve more housing and programming options to remain active in the communities they have helped build, and I will seek creative solutions to support them. For more information, visit, her Facebook and Instagram: @VoteChristineLiu, or email:

James W. Gounaris REP, CON
My goals for the residents of Town Council District 4 are simple. First, I will work with Supervisor DeSena to continue to cut town taxes. The residents of the area have seen their taxes increase with no increase in town services. Second, support law enforcement to ensure our streets are safe for all our residents. Third, bring the required remedies to the town building department to make it friendly to homeowners and businesses as they make upgrades to their property. And finally, ensure that we stop the governor’s high rise housing plan for our suburban neighborhoods. Visit to learn more

Councilmember for District Six
Incumbent Councilmember Mariann Dalimonte (DEM) and Dave Franklin (REP,CON) are running for the Town of North Hempstead’s Councilmember for District Six. District Six encompasses Port Washington, Sands Point, Manorhaven, Baxter Estates, Plandome Manor, Flower Hill, Port Washington North, Plandome, Munsey Park and Plandome Heights.

Mariann Dalimonte DEM
Since my term began as Councilmember for District 6, I have been focused on climate change, water quality, providing low taxes with high services and more. We have witnessed extreme rain events and have endured flooded homes and roads. We need to re-evaluate our infrastructure, identify flood-prone areas, and make the improvements necessary to mitigate our flood risk. I have obtained approval from the DEC to implant 2 million oysters into Manhasset Bay. Also, I am currently working to examine the water quality near Manorhaven Beach Park and exploring ways to make improvements. I am determined to maintain the Town’s sensible fiscal responsibility, while also ensuring that our residents receive high quality services from the Town. Visit for more information.

Dave Franklin REP, CON
My platform is pretty basic. Lower taxes without diminished services, streamline the building department so that permits don’t take so long for issuance, find creative ways to generate revenue for the Town so as not to overburden the taxpayer. I oppose the Hochul Housing Plan which gives zoning control to the State. Port Washington needs to control its own destiny. Make Port Washington a destination for entertainment and shopping, promoting Public Transit as a means of access to reduce traffic in our already crowded town. Place the needs of the People over Party Politics. For more information, visit

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