Things Have To Improve On Middle Neck Road


By Anne Summers

I’ve been on my soapbox before about the amount of trash that litters our town and nothing has changed, so I’ll continue to stand on that soapbox. But, this piece is about the rude, dangerous driving habits of people in this town.

There is no respect for other drivers or pedestrians. Stop signs mean nothing, not even slowing down. People are making U-turns right at the pedestrian walk at the train station on the south side of the tracks and race to make left turns heading north on Middle Neck Road into the shopping center, for example, into oncoming traffic going north on Middle Neck.

What kind of moron does that? What about waiting an extra few seconds for your proper time to make such a turn? But this is a constant problem and I find myself afraid to drive in this town.

I can’t believe the level of disregard for traffic laws. Everyone is in a hurry, everyone is on their phones and rules and laws of the road seem to be not meant for our residents.

Something has got to change!


  1. I agree with you. It seems much more prevalent in great neck than anywhere else I drive. Police ?‍♀️ would have field day if they were around to see what happening

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