Letter: The Voice of Fox News


In response to the letter “Prosecution, Persecution or Inquisition” by Jack Lipsky in the May 15 to 21 issue of the Great Neck Record, perhaps Jack Lipsky should start separating truth from fiction, if that’s at all possible.

He is so caught up like the sheep of the Republican representatives, and of course Fox News, that are blinded by the 9,000-plus documented lies in two years that his President has infected the nation with.

We are speaking of a man, so paranoid, psychotic and impressed with himself that our country and constitution only follow his sick ego.

Anybody with half a brain, who could be objective, would see through this veneer.

For example, why hasn’t he revealed his finances, and even more importantly as Mr. Lipsky mentioned, why have more than 900 nationally esteemed legal minds considered the Mueller Report a more serious document?

Where are our politicians, who supposedly observe the Constitution and the country’s welfare, not functioning as a unit. Mr. Lipsky, go back under your rock.

—Bruce Funk

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