The story behind ConfiDanZe


DanZe_042915AConfiDanZe & Fitness opened at 634 Middle Neck Road in the Old Village and owner Michele Tabaroki says she brought the community together by opening this studio

Growing up, Tabaroki always had a passion for dance and always wanted to share this passion. She has been teaching dance and fitness for nine years on the North Shore and when the opportunity came up to buy ConfiDanZe, it seemed like a natural progression.

“Dancing has always been an escape and home away from home for me,” Tabaroki said.

The recent grand opening featured a free welcoming class.

The ConfiDanZe & Fitnesss staff is integral in the success of the studio. Every instructor on the team brings a different style and flavor to the studio.  Tabaroki’s staff is just as motivated and excited about making ConfidanZe a dance and fitness sanctuary for all to enjoy.

After being in business for over seven months, Tabaroki and crew have seen nothing but remarkable results in their students’ progress to leading the path of a healthier, more fun-filled life. “It gives me the best feeling to know that our community feels comfortable enough coming to dance with us not only to improve themselves but to give our studio a homey, loving feel. We all feed off of their radiating energy of our participants,” Tabaroki said.

In addition to adult classes, ConfiDanZe offers many classes for children ages three and over. The studio started a kids program  with 10 students and now has more than 130 boys and girls that come to the studio weekly.

On June 16, the ConfiDanZe Kids Program will have it’s first annual Student Recital at Great Neck North High School.

For more information, call the studio at 516-450-5433.

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