The Sad State of Presidential Politics


By David Golbert

Your recent editorial “What Hath Man Wrought” accurately depicts the sad state of presidential politics today. While it is true that we have no one to blame but ourselves for this poor crop of candidates, America, for all its faults, still has the best system of government on this planet.

Rather than bemoan the extremists who tend to get the most face time on the news, let’s remember all the decent Americans who toil quietly every day to build better lives, both for themselves and for their neighbors, without seeking recognition. I see those Americans every day in our armed forces, our firehouses, our police stations, our hospitals, in our soup kitchens, in our temples and churches. I see them in every act of kindness that strangers do for each other.

If you look back through the last 200+ years of politics, you’ll certainly find our share of scoundrels and self-serving politicians. But you’ll also find Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy, who asked each of us to act for the greater good. I can only speak for myself, but I continue to have confidence that our nation will meet the challenges that lie before us, and imperfect though we are, continue to improve and grow as a nation and as individuals.


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