The Completion Of Colonial Road Bridge


Demolition started on the Colonial Road Bridge on March 30, 2015. This bridge allows traffic to bypass the congestion by the Welwyn Road Post Office, Shop Delight and LIRR train station. The demolition of the bridge and its ultimate reconstruction were steps necessary to allow the MTA to provide LIRR service directly to Grand Central Terminal for the East Side Access Project. Multiple governmental agencies were/are involved in the planning and execution of the East Side Access Project, and it was expected that the Colonial Road Bridge would reopen in June 2016. However, by Wednesday, May 11, 2016, the bridge was reopened to traffic ahead of schedule, with no fanfare, self-congratulations, fist bumps or high fives—just a completed job, how amazing!

Congratulations and thank yous to all agencies involved, but especially to the Village of Thomaston officials. Many thanks to former Mayor Robert Stern, who was very hands-on during the planning stages of the project, and especially for his advocacy on behalf of the residents of Thomaston. Many thanks to current Mayor Steven Weinberg and his staff who followed the project through to completion and kept the village informed through texts and updates on the village website. Also, there was good, clear signage on the roads to help motorists navigate the detours.

It is inspiring and refreshing that a major project, such as the demolition and reconstruction of the Colonial Road Bridge, was completed on time with no melodrama, no excuses and with beautiful results. Yes, it can be done.

Janet Fine

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