The Art Guild Awards Scholarships To Three Students

2023 Scholarship Winners with Marcie Kazickas. From the left: Marceil Kazickas, Natalie Hayes, Julie Nabet, and Georgia Na. (Contributed photo)

The Art Guild of Port Washington, Inc. (TAG) awarded scholarships this year to three high school seniors from a vast pool of applicants all over Nassau County. The scholarships were awarded to those seniors that would be pursuing the visual arts in their future after high school and display a strong commitment to art in the present.

The funding of this wonderful opportunity comes from the Kazickas Family Foundation, allowing each winner to receive $1,000. The foundation has been sponsoring this scholarship for 5 years now.

“The Kazickas Family Foundation continues to support young people in educational paths. Our belief is that the arts play an integral part of our history and culture. Art can express ideas that otherwise may not be communicated and has the power to incite change. We are honored to support these talented students and the bright futures ahead of them,” said Marcie Kazickas.

Upon submitting their portfolios of 5 works, along with brief descriptions for each, a judge reviewed the seniors’ applications and selected three winners. For the 2023 year, the judge was Stephanie Navon-Jacobson, an Adjunct Professor at St. John’s University. After careful consideration, she chose the three 2023 winners: Natalie Hayes from East Rockaway High School, Julie Nabet from Locust Valley High School, and Georgia Na from Great Neck High School.

At The Art Guild’s annual Members Showcase on Friday June 9th, Navon-Jacobson’s reasons for selecting each of the three were read.

For Natalie Hayes, Navon-Jacobson described her work as having a “lovely, narrative quality to each piece,” and expressed her as having “exceptional skill.”

In terms of Julie Nabet’s works, Navon-Jacobson’s comments discussed especially the topics which her works covered, including “the illustrative answer to societal sexism.” Navon-Jacobson’s comments also applauded Nabet on her varied use of mixed media.

Finally, for Georgia Na’s works, Navon-Jacobson expressed it as a “wonderful use of multiple mediums” and added that Na took an “innovative approach to illustrate being a tourist or walker in a new city.”

All of these high school artists have plans to pursue art in the future and were in attendance at the showcase.

Georgia Na and Natalie Hayes will both be attending the Rhode Island School of Design and Julie Nabet will be attending the Savannah College of Art and Design.

“The Art Guild is thrilled to be part of the growth process these students are taking for their futures in the Arts. We love to showcase and support their talents for the entire community to view and appreciate,” said Katie Bellomo.

The Art Guild will be continuing to offer this scholarship in the future—thus, high school seniors can begin preparing their portfolios now for the 2024 application.

“Going into a creative field is not always an easy path. I’m so glad that The Art Guild can help make that path a little easier with a scholarship,” said Lisa Grossman, executive director of The Art Guild.

—Submitted by The Art Guild

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