Thank You To Assemblywoman Schimel


As 16th Assembly District constituents, we wish to thank New York State Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel for her outstanding service to our community during her tenure. Known for her honesty, integrity, work ethic and fairness, we have been very fortunate to have Michelle represent us. She fought vigorously for many critical issues on our behalf and did so full time. It should be noted that 66 “Schimel” bills are now law in New York State!

Assemblywoman Schimel took a very personal interest in each and every resident. Her energy and commitment to her constituents was exceptional. She went beyond the call of duty, and was always there for us becoming very involved in constituents’ issues, trying to solve their problems. A superb advocate, she always answered and acknowledged all communication that came her way.

Before election to the assembly, Michelle worked closely with former Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy on gun control, later introducing microstamping of bullets legislation in the assembly. Sadly, it failed by three votes in the New York State Senate. She also served on the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Board for 20 years. After Newtown, she assembled a broad coalition of state legislators to support an 8-point gun violence–reduction plan. Nationally recognized, she was invited to the White House to participate in President Barack Obama’s national gun-violence conference.

Michelle fought for a cleaner environment, notably against hydro-fracking, and also worked closely with State Senator Jack Martins for cleaner drinking water. She also advocated for PSEG’s transparency amongst myriad other legislative issues, including women’s equality and veterans affairs.

Michelle also stood up vigorously against microbeads, sponsoring the Microbead-Free Waters Act in the assembly that would “prohibit the production, manufacture, distribution and sale of any beauty product, cosmetic or other personal-care product containing tiny plastic beads” in New York State that can enter our waterways from sinks and “cannot be captured by wastewater plants.”

We were fortunate to have such an energetic, ethical person with strong social convictions as our representative. Beyond all her accomplishments, she was always approachable and available to those she represented.

Again, we express our gratitude to Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel for her excellence as an elected official and deep commitment to our community in her years of service. She will also be remembered for having a great sense of fun and play in her approach to life. Not only will she be missed, but she is leaving a huge legacy. Thank you, Michelle.

Charlotte and David Sear
Eleanor and Chris Lange

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