Thank You, Great Neck


I am still awed by the overwhelming support I received at the polls this past week. I thank the 6,884 people who filled in the bubble by my name on the ballot. I assure the small remainder of those who did not fill in that bubble and the remaining voters who did not go to the polls that I will strive to represent all of you fairly.

Certainly, many readers join me in acknowledging with gratitude the efforts of Susan Miner Healy, who served the Board of Education with dedication for many years. In addition, Ilya Aronovich’s prudent 11th-hour decision to withdraw from the ballot (in an already-compressed and frenzied one-month campaign) lessened some of the divisiveness in the community.

I will never forget the historic turnout on Tuesday, May 16—the sight of long lines of voters out the door at South High and E.M. Baker. Great Neck’s overwhelming support for education and our home was resounding and will surely animate my service on the Board
of Education.

Thank you, Great Neck.

—Rebecca Sassouni

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