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pilatesAt Sweatstyle Pilates in Great Neck, owner and BASI-accredited Pilates instructor, Lori Gross, believes the best workout is the one that supports your personal goals and lifestyle. If you play tennis or golf, a focused Pilates program is essential. In addition to encouraging injury prevention, Pilates will improve your rotation, flexibility, balance, power, and strength. If you are simply looking for a relaxing, focused workout that encourages the movements we perform everyday, there is no better fitness program. It’s also a lifelong fitness program, and there is no age limit for anyone looking to start a Pilates practice.

Joseph Pilates, the man who created the method in the early 20th century, was plagued by illness as a child and through dedicated research, developed his own exercise routine. During his journey to developing the Pilates Method, Pilates studied the relationship between anatomy and exercise, improved his health, and became a body builder, a wrestler, gymnast, boxer, skier and diver. After WWII, he worked with injured veterans and rehabilitated them. Eventually he arrived in New York City where he opened his studio in a building surrounded by dance studios. Injured dancers became his clients, and later, some, his students.

Gross has been a Pilates practitioner for more than 20 years. She is also a non practicing attorney, writer, speaker, and author who is also happily married with three nearly grown sons. BASI PILATES, the leading teacher training program for Pilates, requires their students to complete a minimum of six-hundred hours of class, practice, and apprentice teaching time. She was the only student of her class to pass the entirety of her practical exam, which is given in two separate parts. Nearly everyone in her class was already a Pilates instructor. It is important to ask your teachers where they studied for their accreditation (aka certification) and for how long; the quality of their education, experience, and keen eye are what you should be paying for. In addition to her full apparatus and mat BASI accreditation, Lori is also Equinox mat Pilates accredited and teaches mat class locally. She recently left her teaching position at Equinox Roslyn to start her own studio.

SWEATSTYLE Pilates boasts the only Balanced Body Avalon System on Long Island. Developed by BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz, the Avalon Arm Chair is a redesign of Joseph Pilates original Armchair with the proven sports science technology built into its new framework. It provides the functionality of Joseph Pilates’ Arm Chair, plus the exercise possibilities of the Cadillac and Ladder Barrel.

The Avalon System is highly recommended for those who have completed physical therapy and wish to continue to strengthen and improve daily function. In addition to the traditional Pilates apparatus, the Avalon System has become an integral part of Gross’ studio. It is a piece of Pilates apparatus that should be tried, and in particular, by those who are looking to improve their golf and tennis games.

SWEATSTYLE PILATES is located in Gross’ home, and Pilates sessions are by appointment only. The studio maybe contacted at sweatstylepilates@gmail.com, or 516 644-8808.

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