Support Our Schools


On Tuesday, Feb. 14, the Great Neck School Board is seeking approval from the voters to issue $85.9 million in bonds to finance critically needed structural building repairs and educational enhancements. I urge all school district residents to come out to vote in support of this necessary and worthwhile community project.

This comprehensive project has evolved over a period of several years of careful analysis of growing educational constraints imposed by the physical deterioration of plant and equipment and inadequate physical space in the face of growing enrollment. Further, obsolete facilities have weakened the ability of the school board to deliver needed educational programs.

The project will require some three-to-five years to complete, according to my own estimates. In my opinion, the annual tax impact is modest. During that time, a significant volume of existing bonds will have been repaid.

In my opinion, the Great Neck Board of Education is acting wisely and responsibly. It has been my experience over many years of watching local governments in Great Neck maintain their facilities that it makes the most economic sense to upgrade and modernize rather than to struggle and repair obsolete, deteriorating plant and equipment. Also, I believe that it is in everyone’s interest to maintain the high standards of Great Neck’s educational excellence that continues to draw families to Great Neck. So, come out on Feb.14 in support of our schools.

—Leon Korobow

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