Support Mayor Bral


It is an honor for me to again support Pedram Bral for mayor of the Village of Great Neck. The village desperately needed new leadership, and we have benefited from it for the past two years.

I am impressed with how Mayor Bral displayed his fiduciary responsibility to every one of us in his negotiations with the Vigilant ambulance contract. This may save your life. So many families have personal stories and affection for our volunteers, and I am one of them.

How many of us have blindly accepted some financial advice or contract, whether it be with a car dealer, investment professional or home contractor, without doing any research first? There are professionals we trust, but by negotiating, we can often make a better deal. This is what happened with Mayor Bral and all the other Great Neck mayors when they consulted with Northwell, a known fact. But, what few may realize is that as a result of this meeting, Vigilant will have a paramedic available 24/7. Vigilant did not provide this coverage before. Mayor Bral signed the contract before several other Great Neck mayors—another fact.

This is one example of how Mayor Bral works, with the people of this village being his priority.

Please vote for Pedram Bral, Anne Mendelson and Steve Hope.

Tricia Moslin

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