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The present chairperson of the Great Neck Park Board, Robert Lincoln, is seeking reelection as park commissioner on Tuesday, Dec. 8. I urge all park district residents to come out and vote to reelect Robert Lincoln.

During his many years of service to the Great Neck community, Lincoln has been extremely effective in responding to the changing needs of park district residents, maintaining the highest standards of quality in the delivery of programs and services and the safety and upkeep of park district equipment and property, all the while keeping a tight rein on costs and taxes. As a result, Great Neck’s park system is one of the finest in the nation, offering an amazing diversity of athletic, recreational and remedial programs and services that, in many cases, are capable of generating substantial non-tax revenues for their own support.

Commissioner Lincoln has had a distinguished career as an executive in Nassau County’s vocational education programs, as a volunteer firefighter and as a park commissioner. One way the value of his experience as a leader has been demonstrated is the strong dedication of park staff and the impressive development of staff skills and expertise. The result has been substantial growth of productivity and dollar savings in park districts projects.

Leon Korobow

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