Support For Donna Peirez


My name is Charlotte and my daughter was fortunate enough to be part of the last first-grade class that Mrs. Peirez taught at Lakeville Elementary. My first impression of Mrs. Peirez was that she is like a grandmother: warm, wise and knows just what to do with a child. And, I was right. Her experiences throughout the years gave her an ability to know just how to help a child in the classroom and help them grow both academically and as a whole person. Being a first-time parent in the school district (or in the American elementary school system, for that matter) means I am not sure of what is to happen in the classroom. After meeting and speaking with Mrs. Peirez, my husband and I were immediately put at ease knowing that our daughter was in good hands, and that we had a teacher that would find the best way to help her grow. I think she will be an excellent choice for the Board of Education. In my humble opinion, having someone who has been in the classroom for 29 years gives her an unique vantage point to understand how things really are in the classroom. Our children need someone at the Board of Education that have experience with the day-in and day-out of the school administration and first-hand experience with educating our children to make the best possible decisions for our kids.

Charlotte Chiu

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