Summer School Offerings


SchoolHistory_040115AWith spring finally here, directors Leslie Cohen and Maura Carroll reviewed the 2014 summer school and summer enrichment programs at the Board of Education’s March 16 school board meeting. Cohen reported that summer 2014 had been “terrific” and plans for 2015 will soon be sent to parents.

The program was held at Great Neck North Middle School, with 867 students attending, including 85 high school students. Altogether, there were a wide range of offerings, with nearly 80 courses offered; 29 of these were academic intervention courses and 37 were enrichment classes. There was also a music program and 14 high school courses offered.

For the elementary school students, there were reading classes offered for first through fifth grade students and math classes offered for elementary school students in fourth and fifth grade.

Students in kindergarten through senior year in high school (grade 12), were offered new ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.

Other students seeking different types of “extra” academic attention and additional courses, were offered academic classes, with 50 students attending Academic Intervention classes.

These summer programs proudly reported that their intention, as
always, was to hire older students from the school district to work in these programs. As a result, 20 Great Neck high school and college students worked in the programs,
as well as five student teachers.

The summer directors also reported that the “highlight” of the summer programs was the musical presentation and the concerts. And, the director reported an additional, new highlight: a field trip for fashion designers to Great Neck’s fashionable store, The Wearhouse.

This past summer’s programs were reported as almost fully funded by tuition. And for those students with financial need, full and partial scholarships were available.

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