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David Zawatson

The Great Neck School District’s summer 2014 recreation program was a resounding success, but District Director of Athletics, Recreation and Physical Eduction David Zawatson reported that signing up for the 2015 programs have been delayed due to this past winter’s stormy days (and school and school board meeting cancellations). Applications were due to be sent out immediately following the March 30, Board of Education meeting.

For last summer, the program’s 68th summer, expenses were recouped. Joseph Loria, the summer program’s supervisor, emphasized that these summer programs are designed to “address individual needs.”

The summer camp part of the program celebrated 25 years and, as a summer camp, is now under the supervision of the Nassau County Health Department, and subject to all such county rules and guidelines. The ratio of counselors to campers is low (six to one for the very young children and 12 to one for older campers). There is als0 one CPR trained person for every 100 campers. And all lifeguards are Red Cross trained.

The summer program includes both play time and playgrounds, as well as classes. For the middle school students, the program concentrates on sports activities. Students in grades seven to 13 mostly have evening activities at one of the high schools (at South High School last summer). The program often switches schools each year for most activities.

Zawatson addressed recommenations for the upcoming summer 2015 summer recreation programs. He recommended a three percent raise in tuition, due to the new minimum wage increase that affects the counselors. (Zawatson also noted that all of the counselors in the program are Great Neck students.) The posibility was alsn noted that another minimum wage increase is also anticipated, which would probsbly result in another tuition increase for summer 2016.

Zawatson also recommended the continuation of the 10 percent sibling discount and he recommended allowing students to sign up for only certain indicated weeks.  And he briefly discussed sign-ups for out-of-district guests. So far, only guest students vising Great Neck resident grandparents may attend the summer recreation program.

And for those students planning on attending the school distrit’s year-round recreation programs, Zawatson spoke of adding a a chess program. And the very-popular year-round swim programs will continue.]

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