Strawberry Festival Continues 103-Year Tradition

A few hundred attendees have fun at the All Saints Episcopal Church 103rd Strawberry Festival. (Photo by Chang Gyoo Lim)

A few hundred participants enjoyed the All Saints Episcopal Church 103rd Strawberry Festival, filled with a variety of attractions, including a dessert contest, food and merchandise vendors, musical performances and Korean wrestling, on Sunday, June 9.

“The festival is a reflection of our commitment to the community and our desire to serve its residents, creating an opportunity to bring people together, to enjoy the fruits and friendship, to share our diverse and rich traditions, and to be thankful for one another,” said the organizers. “It is the legacy of hospitality God offers to all of us.”

Various musical ensembles perform, including talented South Korea children who played traditional Korean drums while doing acrobatics. (Photo by Chang Gyoo Lim)

The festival was a family event with various activities for children, such as a slime contest, arts and crafts, and a bounce station.

An amazing performance was presented by the Korean group Pungmulcheonji Arisol, which is based in South Korea and composed of extremely talented children playing traditional Korean drums while also performing acrobatics.


(Photo by Chang Gyoo Lim)

Other activities included a strawberry-themed dessert contest, Karaoke, a saxophone performance and a Ssireum or Korean wrestling contest.




Guests enjoy watching—and participating in—a Korean wrestling contest. (Photo by Chang Gyoo Lim)

“Strawberry Festivals are an ancient tradition,” explained the event organizers. “We did not come up with the name ourselves. Various churches celebrate it and each town has its unique celebration. The origin of its name came from towns that were deeply involved in the production and marketing of strawberries. The festivals were held in late spring around the time of the strawberry harvest.”

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