Steve Reiter Unanimously Reelected To Water Pollution District

Steve Reiter
Steve Reiter

Steve Reiter was unanimously reelected as commissioner for the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District (GNWPCD) 275 to 0 on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

As a businessman, civic leader and resident for more than 30 years, Reiter said he has consistently put the community first during his term as commissioner as he initiated environmental programs and ensured fiscal responsibility.

“I would like to thank all of the people who came out to support my reelection,” said Reiter. “I look forward to continuing to serve the district’s residents by protecting the environment and providing the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.”

In the past three years as commissioner for the GNWPCD, Reiter has helped secure more than 2 million dollars in grants for numerous upgrades and improvement projects. Under his oversight, the district didn’t raise the tax levy for district residents for 2016 and completed the major installation of its micro-turbine cogeneration facility to reduce costs to taxpayers.

“Since I was elected in 2012, I have worked tirelessly to ensure district residents receive the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost,” said Reiter. “As a result, district residents enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art eco-friendly facility, which has saved taxpayers more than $108,000 in energy costs in the first six months of 2015.”

As part of the district’s Food to Fuel program, on the Friday following Thanksgiving, GNWPCD continued its innovative policy of collecting the used cooking oil left over from dinner preparation. The oil GNWPCD collected not only prevented pipe damage, but was then converted into biofuel.

“I am proud of the great accomplishments the district has made,” added Reiter. “We are the highest performing, most environmentally friendly sewer service in Nassau County because of the dedication of our team in constantly supporting and advocating on behalf of our residents.”

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