Stephanie’s An Inspiration to Us All


We cannot say enough in praise about the bravery, maturity and composure shown by 20-year-old Stephanie Epstein, the Wooleys Lane East college student who miraculously was freed from her second floor bedroom when a tree crashed through her roof and pinned her to her bed a little more than a week ago.

We also would like to express our admiration for the many volunteers from the Vigilant, Alert and Manhasset Lakeville Fire companies and other first responders who so quickly rushed to her side, worked side by side for over two hours and helped extricate her safely.

During her press conference at North Shore Hospital last Friday, Stephanie, who said that she was conscious during the whole ordeal and thought that she wouldn’t survive, summed up her feelings simply and effectively when she stated, “I cannot express in words how thankful I am for everyone who saved my life.”

The cooperation and coordination among those emergency workers was extraordinary and was so very important in minimizing Stephanie’s injuries.

The incident drew attention from a wide array of media outlets including People Magazine and the London Daily Mail. The pictures and videos of both the rescue operation and Stephanie’s later dramatic appearance in front of the cameras at the hospital showed Great Neck at its very best.

We wish Stephanie a continued speedy recovery and a great upcoming year at her college in Binghamton.

— Andy Newman


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