Steiner’s Pastry Shop Closes After 39 Years


I won’t say good-bye,

For what it implies,

An end to youthful indulgence and innocent times,

An end to sprinkles and strudel—hand sliced and so fresh,

Now, a well-worn cookie sheet laid to its rest.

Faintly, I hear Franz Steiner’s gentle voice,

I see his smiling face.

Fondly, I recall a special man,

He nurtured a special place.

Fervently crafting perfection from corn, blueberry and raisin bran,

Always, the familiar white apron and ever-present floury hands.

Oh, the meltaways we all adore,

Early morning customers always wanting more.

Jelly donuts, filled with love,

Oh, those Boston Creams,

Steiner’s shop was heaven on Earth,

A quintessential sweet lover’s dream.

Alas, April first marks the solemn date,

His business sadly closed,

Steiner’s (beloved) Pastry Shop at 432 Plandome Road.

Perhaps, Mr. Steiner (well-rested) will return someday,

With fresh orders to fill,

New friends to behold,

His seven layer and meltaway.

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