Starbucks Is NOT A Drive Through!


A car drove through the front Starbucks1window of the Starbucks at The Gardens at Great Neck during the afternoon of Thursday, April 7.

image1-2One glass panel was entirely shattered into tiny pieces.  Fortunately, no one inside the café was hurt, according to Starbucks employee Mr. Jones.

image3Witnesses said that the car was driven by an older couple, who was being put into the ambulances when the Great Neck Record reporter arrived on the scene.

The coffee house, located off Middleneck Road at 6 Great Neck Rd., reopened the day after this incident. A week later, the front window is boarded up, but inside, it’s business as usual.

image4This is not the first time something like this happened in Great Neck. Since the AT&T incident just more than a year ago, the store has been permanently closed.

The shattered window is now boarded up.
The shattered window is now boarded up.
A week later, it's business as usual inside Starbucks.
A week later, it’s business as usual inside Starbucks.

To read more about the fatal AT&T crash, click here.


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